About Us

We are a Mother and Son Team. We teach basic tie dye techniques to our local community. Our mission is to make an Imprint on as many children as possible. Making that "Imprint" can be a sense of Accomplishment with such a small task and an overwhelming Sense of Pride, all within a few minutes . The power of Art is amazing and is within each one of us, there is a whole World of Creativity waiting to be Expressed! We all have it, We just need to Learn to tap in and Express It!. 

Watch their Eyes Gleam with Delight when they open their Shirts! The Most Amazing Art made by their own hands ! This is an amazing gift to a child, IMPRINT

Really to all of US !

We are a mobile Tie-Dye Team, hosting Art Creative tables to Public and Private Events, including Baby Showers and Birthday Parties. PGZ focuses on attending children's events where we can teach kids to express with color, create their own designs, and have fun while using Tie-Dye! 

Come attend our next Event! Learn basic tie dye techniques, color application, and care instructions, or come teach us some of your Special Folds 

 We are all TEACHERS.